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Corporate InformationSustainability

Hitachi contributes to society through a wide array of business operations, including the social infrastructure business segment.

Sales 9,616 billion yen FY2013 (fiscal year ended March 2014)  Information & Telecommunication Systems18%, Power Systems7%, Social Infrastructure & Industrial Systems14%, Electronic Systems & Equipment10%, Construction Machinery7%, High Functional Materials & Components13%, Automotive Systems8%, Digital Media & Consumer Products8%, Others (Logistics, and Qther services)12%, Financial Services3%,

Information & Telecommunication Systems

Our expertise, is gained through a broad range of areas, provides IT services tailored to diverse needs from consulting to systems development, operations, maintenance, and support.

Business operations in approx. 100 countries and regions

We provide total IT solutions-from consulting to systems development and operations-to assist corporations that are upgrading social infrastructures and are globalizing their operations.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
1,954.9 billion yen 5.6% 98.5 billion yen

PhotoData Center (Okayama No. 3 Center)

Power Systems

Our highly efficient and reliable thermal, hydro and nuclear power generation equipment, as well as wind, solar, and other renewable energy products, help to create a low-carbon society.

Share of wind power generation system orders in Japan 48%

In fiscal 2013, we had the largest share in Japan for wind power systems. By making these more efficient and by developing offshore wind farms, we are helping to build a lowcarbon society.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
777.3 billion yen 2.1% 152.9 billion yen

Wind Power Generation System
Wind Power Kamisu 1st Offshore
Wind Farm,
Wind Power Ibaraki, Co., Ltd.

Social Infrastructure & Industrial Systems

Our railway and traffic systems, elevators and escalators, and water systems support daily life, and our industrial machinery and energy-saving solutions reduce the environmental burden.

Freshwater supplied 336,000 m^3day

This much water will be supplied to nearby industrial parks flom Asia's largest desalination plant, to be built by Hitachi for a seawater desalination project in Dahej, Gujarat, India.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
1,446.6 billion yen 3.9% 59.1 billion yen

Monorail (Daegu, South Korea)

Electronic Systems & Equipment

Our semiconductor fabrication equipment, broadcasting and communications systems, medical care and testing systems, and electric tools support the Information Age.

MRI scanners supplied 6,600

As of April 2014, Hitachi Medical's MRI scanners had approx. 30 percent of the market share in Japan. Developing this and other medical equipment promotes better health for everyone.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
1,116.7 billion yen 5.3% 52.6 billion yen

Hitachi Kokusai Electric's Advanced
Batch Thermal Process System

Construction Machinery

Our technological expertise helps us to develop solutions in civil engineering and construction, building demolition, mining, and construction machinery sales, service and maintenance.

Overseas sales ratio 73%

This is the fiscal 2013 overseas sales ratio for construction machinery. Our excavators, wheel loaders, and dump trucks are used on construction sites and mines around the world.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
767.3 billion yen 9.6% 63.3 billion yen

Hitachi Construction Machinery's
Double-Arm Working Machine

High Functional Materials & Components

This business segment produces high functional materials and components for IT, home appliances, and cars, including semiconductor and display materials, circuit boards and related materials, synthetic resin car parts, storage devices, advanced special metals, magnetic materials and parts, advanced molded components, and cable materials.

World share of ANISOLM 60%

Hitachi Chemical's ANISOLM, the world's most widely used high functional anisotropic conductive film for LCDs, helps, through low power consumption, to popularize flat panel displays.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
1,363.2 billion yen 7.5% 96.5 billion yen

Hitachi Metalsʼ NEOMAX®
Neodymium-based Sintered Magnets

Automotive Systems

We supply cutting-edge automotive equipment and systems globally, including systems for engine management, electric powertrains, drive control, and car information.

Ratio of automotive electronics products 46%

Hitachi Automotive Systems develops new electronic car parts for high levels of safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency. The fiscal 2012 ratio of these products to the whole product line was equivalent to third place in sales worldwide.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
892.1 billion yen 5.3% 4.9 billion yen

Hitachi Automotive Systemsʼ Semi-Active Suspension System

Digital Media & Consumer Products

Our reduced-energy commercial and domestic airconditioning systems, home appliances and all-electric products, as well as digital home appliances, help reduce the environmental burden.

Number of LED lighting models 2,500

Responding to the surge of interest in power-saving and long-lasting LED lighting, Hitachi Appliances will expand the product line from 1,900 models in fiscal 2013 to 2,500 in fiscal 2014.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
890.8 billion yen 0.5% -2.9 billion yen

Hitachi Appliancesʼ Multi-split air condition "FLEXMULTI"(high-efficiency model)

Others (Logistics, and Other services)

Hitachi is also active in logistics, including systems logistics, freight, inventory management, and packaging for shipping, as well as in other fields such as real estate.

Eco-car ownership rate 72.6%

This is Hitachi Transport System's eco-car ownership rate, including hybrid, natural gas, electric and LPG vehicles, as well as nationally certified, low-emission gas and biofuel vehicles.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
1,233.6 billion yen 3.7% 48.1 billion yen

Hitachi Transport Systemʼs
Metropolitan East Distribution Center
and a large truck

Financial Services

Worldwide, our optimal business solutions cover lease, loan and rental services, card services and securitization, payment and collections, non-life insurance, trust, and outsourcing services.

Power generated from renewable energy 2.2x

Hitachi Capital finances and operates wind and solar power plants, providing Hitachi's combined strengths to find solutions that promote renewable energy use. Our goal is to boost power generated from renewable energy from 160 MW in fiscal 2012 to 350 MW in fiscal 2015.

Sales Operating income ratio EBIT
338.5 billion yen 8.6% 34.6 billion yen

Hitachi Capital's Hitachi Corporate Card