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Corporate InformationSustainability

Combining our wide-ranging business activities with IT solutions helps us resolve social issues, including global environment problems.


The Environment and Energy

The aim of Hitachi's environmental management is to "achieve a sustainable society." For one key element of this aim, preventing global warming, we are reducing CO2 emissions through our business operations.

Energy-Saving Products and Systems

We contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions across society as a whole by providing products and services with low energy consumption.

Power Generation Systems

We develop wind and solar power and other renewable energy power systems. Also, we reduce CO2 emissions by improving the efficiency of these systems.


Biodiversity, Water, and other Resources

Ensuring biodiversity for the next generation means preserving ecosystems today. We help to preserve ecosystems through business operations that clean the air, water, and soil.

Water Environment Solutions

Our water environment solutions-purifying polluted water and desalinating seawater, for example-enable more efficient use of this limited resource.


Health and Aging

Responding to aging in societies worldwide, our medical solutions maintain and improve health. As well as diagnostic and testing equipment for early treatment, we supply pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for safe, effective drugs.


We contribute to medical innovation by providing solutions across the healthcare cycle, including particle beam therapy systems and big data systems for preventive care and diagnostics.


Cities and Transportation

Our infrastructure solutions increase safety and comfort in cities and remote islands with limited infrastructures. Solutions include safe, high-speed transportation networks; highly stable, efficient power equipment and transmission networks for diverse power sources, including renewable energy; and water systems for a safe, constant supply of water.

Smart Cities

Worldwide, we propose new forms of cities that are safer, more secure, and more convenient, and we contribute to the standardization of smart city infrastructures.

Security Systems for Buildings

Our security systems cover exit / entry as well as elevator operations and maintenance.

Advanced Transportation Systems

Our safe, convenient railway and traffic information systems help reduce the environmental burden and congestion.