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Corporate InformationSustainability

With our 2021 Mid-term Management Plan, we have advanced to a new stage, identifying five sectors where we can increase social, environmental, and economic value for our customers simultaneously: mobility, smart life, industry, energy, and IT. The five SDGs to which we aim to contribute through our business strategy are best aligned with these five sectors. We believe that working toward these goals will provide not only growth opportunities but also the chance to create new social value through business. This section examines current global trends connected with each of these goals, explores the roles we must play through our Social Innovation Business to achieve them, and introduces some of the contributions we have made through our products and services in each of the five sectors.


11 sustainable cities and communitiesProviding safe, comfortable transportation systems and services

Mobility Solutions × Lumada

●Dynamic headway
(e. g., flexible operation to meet changes in demand, automatic operation)

●Remote monitoring services for buildings

18.5billion people (both metro and railway line users)

Providing safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly railway services for 18.5 billion people worldwide per year.

What We Do

As a total railway system supplier, Hitachi uses advanced information and operational technologies to deliver safe, reliable, and innovative railway solutions that help people, communities, and cities thrive through improved connectivity. These solutions include high-speed and driverless technologies, predictive maintenance, and dynamic headway.*

  • * Dynamic headway is a solution for adapting the number of trains to real-time demand, increasing passenger satisfaction and reducing energy usage and operational costs.

Smart Life

3 good health and well-being 11 sustainable cities and communities Designing smart cities to be more convenient and environmentally conscious

Smart life solutions × Lumada

●Smart cities ●Smart therapies

●Connected cars (CASE) ●Connected home appliances


Providing particle therapy system, contributing to cancer treatment for 80,000 people worldwide.

What We Do

In addition to medical equipment like particle beam therapy systems, Hitachi offers smart operating rooms, healthcare information systems, and other products and services utilizing IT and AI for more efficient diagnosis and treatment. By advancing our efforts in these areas, we help to improve the patient's quality of life.


9 industry,innovation and infrastructure6 good health and well-being Increasing the efficiency of our customers' production and processing systems, and providing of safe, secure water and sewage systems

Industry solutions × Lumada

●Smart logistics ●Smart maintenance

●Factory automation ●Water leakage detection systems

70million people/day

Supplying water, sewage, and seawater desalination technologies to provide safe, secure water environments for 70 million people/day worldwide.

What We Do (Water Systems)

Hitachi is promoting the integration of OT, technologies of monitoring and operational control for water treatment facilities, and IT, that includes wide area water operation using IoT and analysis technologies, with its extensive track record and advanced technologies in the water infrastructure business. We propose the water environment total solution including critical infrastructure such as water purification and sewage treatment plant and water recycling facilities, and moreover, we provide solutions to meet a variety of local needs. Hitachi's integrated system will contribute to respond to customer issues by utilizing real-time data for efficient and optimal water operation and water treatment control.


7 affordable and clean energyProviding stable, high-efficiency energy, including electricity, and management systems

Energy solutions × Lumada

●Power grid solutions

●Energy management systems solutions

1.8billion people

Managing 25% of the world's transformer sub-stations, and supplying 1.8 billion people with stable energy such as electricity.

What We Do

We are contributing to efficient energy utilization by society as a whole by advancing collaborative creation with energy-related customers and partners, integrating our strengths in operational technology (OT), IT, and products, as well as our Lumada IoT platform. In response to the shifting paradigm of the energy market, we offer grid solutions that help stabilize the energy supply, service solutions that contribute to stable operations and improved operating efficiency, and a broad array of region-specific solutions as renewables become the main sources of the power supply.


11 sustainable cities and communitiesAccelerating customer innovation with advanced IT solutions

IT solutions × Lumada

●State-of-the-art financial and social IT services

●Enhancing the Lumada platform

6million people

Working with Vietnam Post to expand digital payment services and offer more convenience to six million public fund recipients from 2020.

What We Do

Through our Lumada solutions for digital innovation, we are driving forward open innovation that can save time, energy, and money. We have been active in leading the Fintech revolution—using big data, AI, and blockchain—and continue to develop groundbreaking technologies today. In collaboration with our customers, we are creating more efficient, compact, and secure financial networks to benefit both those customers and their clientele.