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Human Rights

Human Rights

Human Rights

Whyit matters

Hitachi understands that respecting human rights in business activities is not only essential for corporate sustainable development, it is also a responsibility that all companies must fulfill. In 2013, to clarify corporate responsibility with respect to human rights, we established the Hitachi Group Human Rights Policy based on Hitachi’s Corporate Credo and Group Vision and designating it one of the highest codes governing our internal regulations.
Under the Hitachi Group Human Rights Policy, we pursue initiatives to ensure respect for human rights not just within Hitachi itself but for everyone in our supply chain or otherwise involved with our business activities, products, or services. As well as implementing global training and awareness-raising activities and establishing grievance mechanisms to address employee concerns throughout the Hitachi Group, in recent years we have focused on human rights due diligence (HRDD), working to construct frameworks and systems for recognizing and reducing human rights risks.

Whatwe are doing

Respect for Human Rights Throughout the Value Chain

Core initiatives
  • Ensure awareness of Hitachi Group Human Rights Policy
  • Raise human rights awareness among executives and employees
  • Recognize human rights risks and construct frameworks and systems for reducing them through HRDD
  • Raise human rights awareness among suppliers, including issues around child labor and forced labor
Goals and KPIs
  • Training program on respect for human rights: Attendance by each employee at least once every three years (equivalent to a yearly participation rate of 33%)
Achievements in FY 2019
  • Consolidated general consultation and reporting systems (contact points) for harassment and human rights issues into Hitachi Global Compliance Hotline
  • Distributed human rights message from President and CEO Toshiaki Higashihara on Human Rights Day
  • Revised e-learning program on business and human rights
  • Conducted human rights training session for executives titled “Current Perspective About AI Ethics”
  • Identified human rights risks to be addressed by entire Group
  • Conducted CSR procurement seminars for suppliers in Southeast Asia

Key SDGs

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