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Value Chain Management

Value Chain Management

Value Chain Management

Whyit matters

As business becomes more and more globalized, there is a growing possibility of procurement risks in the supply chain creating management problems. As an enterprise that engages in businesses activities in many regions around the world, Hitachi strives to identify and mitigate these risks in advance as much as possible.
Hitachi emphasizes sustainability in the value chain, and suppliers are selected strictly in accordance with the Hitachi Group Global Procurement Code. Additionally, in order to share our CSR procurement policies, we not only distribute the Hitachi Group CSR Procurement Guidelines to approximately 30,000 suppliers around the world and ensure their awareness but also conduct CSR Monitoring (self-checks) and CSR audits to minimize procurement risks. To address the conflict mineral issue, Hitachi formulated the Hitachi Group Conflict Minerals Procurement Policy to promote responsible procurement in line with international guidelines.
Furthermore, embracing the Hitachi Founding Spirit of “Harmony, Sincerity, and Pioneering Spirit,” we adhere to basics and ethics and put right and wrong before profit and loss, with all employees sharing our policy of making quality and reliability our top priority, thereby strengthening our quality assurance activities.

Whatwe are doing

Responsible Procurement

Core initiatives
  • Improve value chain competitiveness based on partnerships with suppliers
  • Share procurement policies with suppliers
  • Implement CSR procurement
  • Hold CSR procurement seminars
  • Respond to conflict mineral issue
Goals and KPIs
  • Conducting audits on suppliers with the support of external auditing organizations
Achievements in FY 2019
  • Formulated the Hitachi Group Global Procurement Code
  • Conducted CSR audits at 19 suppliers
  • Held a CSR seminar for suppliers in Thailand, our first in Southeast Asia

Quality and Product Safety Management

Core initiatives
  • Practice our policy of making quality and reliability our top priority
  • Adhere to basics and ethics, put right and wrong before profit and loss
Goals and KPIs
  • Improving product reliability and customer satisfaction
Achievements in FY 2019
  • Strengthened organizational structure for quality assurance
  • Promoted quality assurance activities globally
  • Carried out incident prevention activities
  • Promoted product safety activities
  • Carried out technical law compliance activities
  • Conducted quality and reliability education

Customer Satisfaction (CS)

Core initiatives
  • Improve CS by reflecting customers’ voices in our business
  • Provide comprehensive customer support online
  • Improve CS in home appliances
  • Promote advertising activities
Goals and KPIs
  • Improvement of CS
  • Proper information disclosure on products and services
Achievements in FY 2019
  • Continuously implemented CS and advertising activities

Key SDGs

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