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[image]Annual Report 2011

Correction to “Annual Report 2011”(PDF format, 47kBytes)
Following PDF files has been revised.

All PDF data download is here.

Annual Report 2011(Year ended March 31,2011) (PDF format, 4,853kBytes)

Each page of PDF data download is here.

Cover (PDF format, 105kBytes)
Contents (PDF format, 200kBytes)
Special Feature:Powering Global Expansion with Our Smart City Business (PDF format, 558kBytes)
To Our Shareolders (PDF format, 327kBytes)
Special Feature: Powering Global Expansion with Our Social Innovation Business (PDF format, 625kBytes)
Financial Highlights (PDF format, 104kBytes)
Segment Information (PDF format, 401kBytes)
Review of Operations (PDF format, 689kBytes)
Research and Development (PDF format, 115kBytes)
Intellectual Property (PDF format, 96kBytes)
CSR Management (PDF format, 250kBytes)
Corporate Governance (PDF format, 51kBytes)
Board of Directors (PDF format, 264kBytes)
Executive Officers (PDF format, 530kBytes)
Financial Section (PDF format, 398kBytes)
  - Five-Year Summary (PDF format, 37kBytes)
  - Operating and Financial Review (PDF format, 59kBytes)
  - Consolidated Balance Sheets (PDF format, 43kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statements of Operations (PDF format, 36kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statements of Equity (PDF format, 63kBytes)
  - Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows (PDF format, 35kBytes)
  - Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF format, 547kBytes)
  - Management’s Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting (PDF format, 32kBytes)
  - Report on Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm (PDF format, 77kBytes)
Corporate Data (PDF format, 31kBytes)
Back Cover (PDF format, 105kBytes)
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