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Earnings estimates and the business scheme published in this website might be based on the constant assumption judged that our company is reasonable, and be greatly different from an actual result at the time of making of each material. Moreover, our company doesn't owe the obligation to update these material to latest information at present.


May 12
  • Progress of the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan
    Consolidated Financial Results for fiscal 2016
    * News releases and related materials will be published on this website following the announcements.
    * Meetings for institutional investors, financial analysts and press on the progress of the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan and the consolidated financial results for fiscal 2016 will be held respectively from 15:30 to 16:30 and from 17:00 to 18:00 on May 12 (JST). A live webcast of these meetings will be broadcast on Ustream and the Ustream archives will be available following the live broadcast, until the recorded webcast is posted on this website.
    * A webcast of the meetings will be posted on this website when it is ready to publish on or after May 13.
    *Click here.(open in new window)
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