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Elevators, Escalators

Various facilities in the city are equipped with escalators and moving sidewalks. For such infrastructure, Hitachi not only focuses on achieving higher safety, but also works to ensure they meet today's energy-saving requirements with regard to both function and design.



Escalators are designed to facilitate smooth movement of getting on and off. A variety of escalators is available such as high-rise escalators and escalators with horizontal part in the middle.


TX SERIES Released

Hitachi's brand-new TX series escalators materialize to its design concepts of Safety, Reliability, Comfort and Durability, and continue its commitment to environment-friendly and energy-saving, as well as its pursuits of high quality, which provides efficient and convenient transportation solutions for buildings.

Moving Side Walks

Moving Side Walks

Moving side walks realize smooth horizontal transportation at airports, stations, shopping centers and so forth. Demand for this product is expanding as the urbanization of the World continues.

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