The ability to innovate is essential to resolving the many medical and healthcare challenges that face different countries and regions. Through collaborative creation and the utilization of data, Hitachi believes it can deliver new value to healthcare.

Hitachi has created a website featuring special content that provides videos, interviews, and other reports from the front lines of innovation where Hitachi engineers are working with customers and partners throughout the world.


Innovation Stories  Vol.4Safer and more precise surgery with the aid of digital technology
Hitachi has introduced its open MRI system to the operating room. We are also using digital technology to integrate a variety of information in the operating room and to provide solutions for more safe and precise surgery.


Innovation Stories  Vol.3Visualizes the stiffness of tissue using ultrasound
Diagnostic ultrasound scanners are used for a range of purposes in the diagnostic process. Hitachi has achieved the world’s first technology for imaging the stiffness of tissue. It is expected to contribute to the early detection of carcinomas such as breast cancer and liver cancer.


Innovation Stories  Vol.2Beyond Visualization
Early Diagnosis of Dementia Using MRI
Major advancements in Hitachi’s MRI-based sophisticated data analytics have enabled the application of quantitative measuring to diagnostics, which has demonstrated potential in the early detection of dementia and other brain-related diseases. Potential applications in the early diagnosis of diseases of the brain, such as dementia, which have traditionally been difficult to detect.


Innovation Stories  Vol.1If Cancer Could be Cured Without Pain
Hitachi's cancer treatment system that uses the advanced technology of particle beams keeps stress on the patient to a minimum.