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Latheta LCT-200 Series

LCT-200 is an X-ray CT scanner for experimental animals. The non-invasive measurement is economical in the way that it enables you to observe the same mouse or rat in long-term. By using the standard analysis software, quantitative analysis of RAW data can be performed for fat, bone, body mass etc.

  • Ideal for morphological observation
  • Respiratory and cardiac synchronized scanning
  • Portable design with shielding box

Improved scan time

Improved scan time

High-sensitivity multi-channel detector

  • Image acquisition at 60 slices per rotation
  • Parallel processing of image acquisition and reconstruction for quick analysis
  • Minimized scan time and radiation exposure by focusing on necessary organ(s) only

High resolution and contrast

  • In vivo mice observation/measurement
  • Integrating mode for contrast enhancement

Four scan modes

Possible to select an optimal scan from standard, precision, high-precision and integrating modes in accordance with the intended use

High-speed multiple tomography

Image reconstruction available with scan, making analysis possible as soon as specimen measurement is finished

Radiation shielding box

Radiation shielding box

Possible to limit a controlled area to the inner part, facilitating transport of the scanner

3D images (commercial software)

Tomography image output available in DICOM, JPG and BMP format for 3D image construction

3D images (commercial software)     3D images (commercial software)

Respiratory and cardiac synchronized scanning

Effective function to produce crisp images unaffected by noise resulting from motion artifacts of specimens, preventing distortion of images and reduction of quality

Cardiac sync image (Diastole)

Respiratory sync image

Four specimen holders

Four specimen holders

Possible to select an optimal field of view from 4 types of specimen holders depending on the size of the specimens

Holder Diameter


Main Application
Isolated Bones
Obese Rats

Fat measurement

Body fat percentage

Separation of visceral and subcutaneous fat

Fatty liver

Form measurement

Distance, Area and Volume measurements

Set the cursor on the screen to measure the distance.
Area and volume are light-blue colored section on the screen.

Kidney volume measurement (example)

Isolated brain - blood vessel volume measurement (example)

Femoral necrosis volume measurement (example)

Bone density measurement

  • Total, cortical and cancellous bone mineral density
  • Morphometry (cortical bone thickness, cortical bone and trabecular area ratios)
  • Mechanical property (second moment of minimum and polar areas)

Rat shinbone (example)
Rat shinbone (example)
Scan with shinbone parallel to the holder


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