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The fatPointer software is used to calculate the area of the CT value corresponding to the visceral fat and subcutaneous fat regions from the abdominal CT image.

Low dose but high image quality with the Adaptive Filter


By using the non-linear noise reduction filter called the “Adaptive Filter”, image processing is carried out by reducing the image noise while keeping the resolution level. As a result, analysis with a high precision is possible even when scanning with a low dose, which leads to the reduction of the total exposure dose.

Results are displayed promptly with just once click.


By simply clicking on any point of the analyzing image, the area of visceral and subcutaneous fat, area ratio, and abdominal circumference (CT) are determined automatically. The troublesome processes such as recognition of the fat area, separation of the visceral/subcutaneous fat area and calculation of the area/area ratio are automatically processed.

Making and outputting a report


Reporting function of the fatPointer is capable of not only making the report of the current examination results, but also adding previous examination results, enabling the user to see the variation of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat at a glance. It is also possible to output the analysis images in the color DICOM format and BMP format, and the analysis value in the text format (CSV).

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