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More beautifully, more minutely, more exactly. APERTO Lucent pursues image quality. By making the most of Hitachi's imaging technologies, APERTO Lucent takes the imaging diagnosis to the next level.

The MRI system that continues to evolve every day. The appearance of new sequences and higher efficiency hardware ------ The Open MRI continues to evolve.
The new APERTO Lucent can be incorporated with new measurement functions such as primeFSE*1 and CE-Perfusion *1 newly developed by Hitachi for higher magnetic field MR systems.
In addition, incorporation of the newly designed image reconstruction system realizes 2048x2048 image reconstruction*2 that corresponds to high definition images.


In MRI diagnosis, effects of motion artifacts should be considered. Our new feature, RADAR, mitigates the motion artifacts, which can be used not only with T2WI, but also with T1WI and FLAIR, obtaining any slice direction for your needs.
We believe this feature will be widely applied to clinical applications.


The problem of artifacts is inevitable with MRI imaging. In Hitachi's RADAR, the k-space is filled radially with the center of the k-space as the axis. By this distinctive procedure, the motion artifacts generated in specific directions can be suppressed.


The primeFSE has enabled not only the optimized echo arrangement but also the parameter settings with the same sense of that of the SE sequence. This has allowed active use of the features that the FSE sequence possesses.


In the existing FSE, necessary echoes were arranged in the center of the k-space, but as remaining echoes were not optimized, truncation artifact could readily occur.
The primeFSE not only suppresses truncation artifact but also allows free setting of the effective TE.

*1:Optional function
*2:Differs according to imaging condition.

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