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Hitachi‘s Optical Topography System (functional near-infrared spectroscopy :fNIRS) is the result of continued R&D in close cooperation with researchers and clinicians and it brings near-infrared spectroscopy to a new level.   Measurement of this system is non-invasive, and relatively restraint-free. Advanced technology and enhanced operational features make the ideal tool for monitoring cerebral blood flow.

What is fNIRS?

fNIRS is one of the neuroimaging (brain imaging) method. This page is made as introduction of fNIRS and has the information about basics and advantages of fNIRS, and introduces some papers (include review and technology).

Safety of fNIRS

When you want to use fNIRS, you need to convince the Research Ethics Committee that the safety of fNIRS is appropriate. This page consists about potential risk, what kind of safety standards Hitachi conforms, papers recommending citations for safety.

How to calculate Hb

fNIRS signal is originally light intensity detected as Voltage. After measurement signal process, it becomes the value of Hb concentration. This page shows you the detail of signal process.


This page introduces the features, function, and options of Hitachi’s fNIRS product.

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