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Bones, which are the base of healthy life, have been drawing attention around the world today. As a pioneer and leader of diagnostic ultrasound systems, we have developed a bone densitometry system with a new approach. It is created through the concept of an "eggshell", a shape bone in nature. Simply beautiful. Stronger, more lightweight, easier to handle. All of these for maximum portability.
Hitachi's "EggQus" is the "Egg of Columbus" of quantitative ultrasound systems.

Friendliness and Functionality Born of the Shape of an Egg

Foot stand unit enables optimum heel position


The foot stand unit adjusts the measurement position according to the examinee's foot size. This enables transmission and reception of ultrasound pulses at the correct calcaneus position.

Makes measurements in approximately three seconds


Short measurement time enables more comfort for elderly examinees and for screenings that require rapid handling.

Temperature correction and heel width measurement

Speed of sound variations due to difference in temperature can be optimized , minimizing measurement errors. Speed of sound calculated from the examinee's heel width precisely reflects the bone condition.

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