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Technologies fostered by HITACHI to hone the high quality “sound” have evolved further giving life to Pure Symphonic Architecture.
The combination of transducer/frontend, variable beamformer, active backend, and OLED monitor: all technologies working together to realize the highest level of premium class performance.



The evolution of CMUT (Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducers), using next-generation silicon wafer technology has brought the full complement of ultrasound examination modes into practical use.
With super wide frequency bandwidth and high sensitivity the enhanced resolution is maintained in the far field.
CMUT can deliver a one-probe solution for a wide range of ultrasound examinations.

Variable Beamformer


The eFocusing, newly developed transmission and reception technology, improves S/N and reduces focal dependency significantly.
Outstanding clarity of imaging from near to far field with less patient dependency is achieved.

Focused at all depths

Active Backend

Active Backend is the powerful image processing engine developed to realize fast complex arithmetic computations providing imaging with outstanding definition.

OLED Monitor


The ARIETTA 850 has adopted the latest technology, 22 inch wide OLED Monitor for an optimum image display. Without requiring backlighting to function, the OLED Monitor displays true black so a previously unattainable contrast resolution can be achieved. It is the ideal monitor choice for diagnostic ultrasound, producing the highest quality grayscale display.

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