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The ergonomic design of the ARIETTA 850 minimizes operator fatigue. Supporting seamless workflow, the many easy-to-use functions shorten examination time and provide a more comfortable examination environment. As a result, the patient experience is also improved.

Flexible Monitor Arm


The monitor arm mechanism supports a smooth back-and-forth movement of the screen during the examination without any change to the up, down, right or left position.

Protocol Assistant


Prior registration of routine protocols significantly reduces the operation steps necessary during the examination. Prompts for image store, alerts of mistaken image store repeats, all contribute to increased examination efficiency, accuracy and throughput.

Automated Measurement

Combined Setting of AFS/ASR


Auto Frame Selection (AFS) picks out the appropriate frame for measurement in Real-time Tissue Elastography. Assist Strain Ratio (ASR) automatically locates the measurement ROI. Complex, repetitive measurement steps can now be completed using a single button.

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