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ARIETTA Prologue

The ARIETTA Prologue is equipped with functions that improve efficiency and support rapid, accurate diagnosis.

Scan-Synced Control (ScanSync) *


By analyzing the B-mode imaging, ScanSync enables freeze and record operations by monitoring transducer movements.
Even in the scenario where both operator's hands are fully occupied, support from a medical assistant is no longer necessary, and examinations can be performed safely and comfortably.

* Option

ScanSync Movie


Needle Emphasis (NE)


NE enhances visualization of the needle, increasing safety and accuracy for biopsy and other interventional procedures.

Auto IMT Measurement *


Automatic trace of the vessel intima with a display of its mean thickness is performed. It provides an assessment for cardiovascular diseases.

* Option

This model is not available in certain countries. Please contact your local sales rep. for details.

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