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Real-time Tissue Elastgraphy (RTE)*

The function that visualizes the distortion of tissues in real-time and provides information of its stiffness. By using the Strain Graph, it is possible to monitor the status of compression in real-time.

Strain Graph *

Strain Graph

The condition of the strain is displayed graphically in real-time. After freezing the image, the frame can be selected while looking at the graph.

Fine Flow

Fine Flow

The high-frame-rate and high-definition color display function (Fine Flow) is incorporated.
It is possible to image microscopic blood flows with less blooming compared to normal color display.

Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI)*

Contrast Harmonic Imaging

The Avius can be used with not only the MTI (Microbubble Trace Imaging) that enhances the visibility of microscopic blood flow but also the alternate mode that displays a normal B-mode image and a contrasted image at the same time. Body motion correction in the MTI function further improves image quality.

HI Zoom

The HI Zoom, which automatically sets the optimum scan parameters and enlarges images will improve both the resolution and frame rate.

Trapezoid display

Trapezoid display

The trapezoid display with a linear probe is now available. This widens the diagnostic field-of-view.

4D (Real-time 3D) *

4D (Real-time 3D)

With the ultra BE, high quality images can be obtained not only in 2D but also in 4D.

M-mode Navigation *

M-mode Navigation

The boundary recognition software reads the variation of brightness and navigates measurement points of M-mode.
Routine examinations can be obtained more efficiently by using this function together with ODM mode (Omni-directional M mode).

ODM mode (Omni-directional M mode) *

ODM mode (Optional direction M-mode)

This function enables the display of the M mode from any arbitrary angle of the cursor as defined on the B mode image.
More accurate measurement of the left ventricular volume is supported.

IMT measurement *

IMT measurement

The thickness of the intima media complex of the carotid artery is automatically measured.
In addition to the 3-point measurement, Max and mean IMT measurements are supported.

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