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ProSound Alpha7

Powerful,Friendly and Compact

The ProSound Alpha7 contradicts the thought that high-performance systems are large. It inherits the proven technologies and functions of Hitachi-Aloka Medical's high-end product, yet offers outstanding mobility. The system is easily transported to deliver high performance throughout the hospital.

Advanced Functions for a Higher Level of Diagnosis

Real-time Tissue Elastography


Visualizes the stiffness of a tissue in real time. The strain generated in a tissue on applying pressure is represented by colors: stiffer areas (areas of smaller deformation) are shown in blue.

In some countries and areas, this optional item cannot be sold for the time being due to regulatory reasons.

Automated IMT Measurement


It is possible to automatically extract max IMT and mean IMT only by setting ROI (region of interest) on a long-axis view of the vessel.
Equipped with an exclusive report function, multiple measurement values for each part and time phase can be listed, making comparison easier.

DSD (Dynamic Slow-motion Display)


It is possible to display a real-time image and slow-motion images taken from the real-time image at a constant time interval side by side.
Equipped with an exclusive report function, multiple measurement values for each part and time phase can be listed, making comparison easier.
For example, while a real-time image of 2 cardiac cycles is displayed, it is possible to display a slow-motion image of 1 cardiac cycle at a half speed (the image is refreshed at the R waves of ECG).
This eases observation of objects moving fast, such as the fetal heart, valve leaflet, and regurgitated flows.

Steerable CW Doppler by Linear Probe


Ever higher velocity flows can be observed by a linear probe.
Stenotic flows in the superficial blood vessels can be detected with a wide field of view and high image quality without the need of a phased array sector probe.

Protocol Assistant


Smooth examinations are performed according to the pre-registered protocol (procedures).
By using the check function, it is possible to avoid forgetting to capture and/or measure images.
- Parts to be examined are registered with body marks and annotations.
- The acquired (recorded) section is automatically check-marked.

Remote Controller


Compact and light enough to fit easily in your breast pocket (40 x 90 x 10 mm thick; about 50 g)
- It can control many functions including display mode switching, image adjustment, image freezing and various measurements. Menu for remote control is displayed on the monitor screen.
- Can be used in the operating theater by placing it in a sterilized bag.

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