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Compressor : Hitachi


Centrifugal applications

Categories Plant name Application Compressor type
  • Boosting the pressure of process gas
    (promotes catalytic reactions)
  • Boosting the pressure of process gas
    (promotes catalytic reactions)
Petrochemicals Ethylene
  • Boosting the pressure of process gas
    (promotes thermal decomposition)
  • Boosting the pressure of ethylene and propylene
    (Refrigerating operation)
  • Boosting the pressure of process gas
    (generates ethylene oxide)
  • Boosting the pressure of process gas
    (generates ethylene glycol)
  • Boosting the pressure of raw air
    (separates nitrogen)
  • Boosting the pressure of synthetic gas
    (promotes ammonia synthesis reactions)
  • Boosting the pressure of carbon dioxide
    (urea generation, Granulation)
  • Boosting the pressure of synthetic gas
    (promotes methanol synthesis reaction)
Natural gas Pipelines
  • Boosting the pressure of natural gas, transport
Gas injection
  • Boosting gas pressure, injecting oil layers
    (promotes recovery of crude oil)
natural gas
  • Cooling and liquefying methane and propane
Other: CO2
  • Boosting the pressure of carbon dioxide
    Injected underground

BCH: Vertically process centifugal compressors
MCH: Horizontally Split Process Centrifugal Compressorss
PCH: Centrifugal compressors for gas pipelines
POB: Overhung Centrifugal Compressors

Screw Compressor

Industry Plant product Application Compressor
Brief explanation
Electronics Air compressor
Gas compressor
Uses air pressure for measuring instruments, removing dust from liquid-crystal screen surfaces, and in automatic control systems SDS, HITURBO The compressor supplies air pressure for use in automatic control systems, for removing fine dust from the liquid-crystal screen surfaces, and for measuring instruments.
Automobiles Air compressor
Gas compressor
Castings for sand blasting, pneumatic tools, removing paint, dust, and water droplets, inflating tires with air SDS, HITURBO Oil-free air is directly used in various locations in plants as power for manufacturing machines.
Steel Air compressor
Gas compressor
Blowing air into the burners of furnaces, cooling rolls, castings for sand blasting SDS, HITURBO In steel manufacturing, direct air is blown into the furnace for heating the steel and for cooling the rolled steel, which are completely opposite but widely used applications.
Chemicals Air compressor
Gas compressor
Air pressure is used for transporting liquids under pressure, pressurizing tanks, in aeration tanks and culture vessels, for spot cooling, molding plastics, welding vinyl and nylon, synthesizing ammonia, and in automatic control systems. SDS, HITURBO In chemical plants, compressors are used in ammonia synthesis, culture vessels, aeration tanks, molding various plastics, welding vinyl and nylon, and other applications where clean air is necessary.
Food processing industry Air compressor
Gas compressor
Agitation of mash for producing sake, etc., pressurized transport of liquids and powders, drying food, cooling curry powder, packaging and boxing products SDS, HITURBO In the food processing industry, compressors are used in various manufacturing processes such as agitation and pressurized transport using clean air, for cooling food, and for packaging and boxing products.
Machinery Air compressor
Gas compressor
Machine cooling, use of air pressure in robots, removal of debris from cutting processes (metal fragments, metal powder, etc.), pneumatic tools SDS, HITURBO In machinery-related applications, compressors are used for powering machine tools and industrial robots during manufacturing, and for removing debris after manufacturing.
Pharmaceuticals Air compressor
Gas compressor
Used in pill manufacturing, aeration tanks, culture vessels, and for packaging pharmaceuticals SDS, HITURBO Clean air is also very important in the pharmaceutical industry, and the characteristics of oil-free air are used.
Civil engineering
and construction
Air compressor
Gas compressor
Compressed air is used in rock drills and pneumatic tools (air drills, riveters, hammers, drivers, etc.), painting, pressurized transport of soil and sewer water, and in shield and caisson construction. SDS, HITURBO In the civil engineering and construction fields, the advantages of compressed air are used for powering various air tools, and for pressurized transportation of soil and sewer water, etc.
Glass Air compressor
Gas compressor
Air blowing during glass molding, suction transport of products, removal of dust from the surface of glass, lenses, etc. SDS, HITURBO Because clean air does not contain oil, it can be used for fine glass products, ranging from manufacturing to transportation.
Mining industry Air compressor
Gas compressor
Excavators, transporting coal and ore using air pressure, supplying oxygen into mines SDS, HITURBO In the mining industry, compressors are used for machines that require a relatively large amount of force, and for supplying oxygen into mines.
Pulp and paper Air compressor
Gas compressor
Agitation, blowing powder, drying products SDS, HITURBO Oil-free air is used in many manufacturing processes in pulp and paper manufacturing, such as agitation, blowing powder, and drying products. Oil-free air does not affect products, so it can be used safely.
Theme parks Air compressor
Gas compressor
Used for powering attractions, various kinds of power throughout the park, snowmaking machines SDS, HITURBO Compressors are widely used in various locations in theme parks. They are used as the power source for powering attractions in parks, and for automatic doors in familiar places.

SDS: Screw Compressors
HITURBO: Small Turbo Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

Categories Gas types Application Compressor model name
Petrochemicals Ethylene Manufacturing low-density polyethylene Super-High-Pressure
General Process gases Balanced reciprocating compressors
Petroleum refining Hydrogen
Desulfurization and reforming Balanced reciprocating compressors
Natural gas Methane, etc. Pressurized gas transport, gas injection Balanced reciprocating compressors
Hydrogen stations Hydrogen Installation of hydrogen stations for fuel-cell vehicles 100-MPa hydrogen compressors

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