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Compressor : Hitachi


Hitachi's constant terminal pressure control achieves major energy savings

APC (Active Power Control)

AIRZEUS Controller (AZC) calculates the air consumption and the associated pipe pressure losses and automatically controls the compressor load and unload pressure setting values so that the plant pressure is constant. The next generation of compressor control is realized: automatic operation (pressure control) linked to changes in the air consumption helps conserve energy.

Image: Conserving energy through APC

When the air consumption is 100% of the compressor capacity

Compressor discharge pressure Line pressure loss Plant pressure
0.69MPa 0.10MPa 0.59MPa

When the air consumption is 50% of the compressor capacity

Control method Output pressure Pressure losses Plant pressure Effects
Conventioral 0.69MPa 0.03MPa 0.66MPa Wasteful high-pressure operation
APC 0.62MPa 0.03MPa 0.59MPa Operation at optimal pressure

Conserving Energy Through APC (Active Power Control)

Image: Conserving energy through APC

For operation under an average load factor of 70% under these pressure conditions: pressure used: 0.69 MPa, lowest terminal pressure: 0.54 MPa , line pressure loss when the compressor is at 100% of air capacity: 0.12 MPa

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