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Compressor : Hitachi


New high-performance color LCD touch operation panel for greater operability

We use a new high-performance color LCD (Liquid crystal display) touch panel with a clear panel design to make it easier to operate. Energy conservation controls can easily be set, and various operating histories and trend graphs can be quickly displayed.

  • We use a new high-performance color LCD touch panel that is easy to read and operate
  • Our unique energy conservation controls can be easily set
  • Fast navigation to quickly arrive at the screen you want to see
  • Various operating histories and trend graphs can be easily displayed

Image: Color liquid-crystal touch panel setting screen

It is possible to check details of compressors currently in operation in real time, such as the pressure and temperature of air and oil etc.

Image: Easy-to-read monitoring screen

From the history screen, you can see the operating history, trend graphs, history of minor and serious breakdowns, preventative maintenance and inspection history, and other maintenance and inspection items.

Image: Operating history

A help function is provided for when you don't know how to operate the machine, to give you peace of mind.

Image: Easy-to-use help function

The image above is an embedded composite image diagram.