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Compressor : Hitachi


Image: Oil-free screw compressors, AIRZEUS SDS-U series

The AIRZEUS SDS-U-series oil-free screw compressors have the highest level of energy efficiency in the industry, along with improved ease of operation, reduced noise, and less of a burden on the environment. We reduced the annual power consumption by about 56,000 kWh (280-kW-class, our figures compared to a conventional compressor.), which reduces about 31 tons of CO2.

Product image

Image: AIRZEUS screw compressor

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The industry's highest level of energy conservation performance

  1. By using a new type of air block (the main unit of the compressor), the electric power consumption of a 280-kW-class compressor during operation is reduced by 2.5% (our figures) compared to a conventional compressor. (Corresponds to about 670,000 yen per year, our figures, the electricity unit price calculated for 12 yen/kWh.)
  2. We achieve energy-efficient operation using the APC*1 function, which automatically controls the operating pressure setting value of the compressor, the PSC*2 function which reduces the excess air pressure by control pressure range in accordance with the lode-unload cycle time of the compressor, and the ASS*3 function which automatically starts and stops in accordance with the line pressure.
Active Power Control
Power Save Control
Auto Start & Stop

Easy to operate

An easy-to-read, easy-to-operate color LCD(Liquid crystal display) touch panel with navigation function and energy saving control setting function is equipped as standard.

Low noise

The sound energy is about 50% less than a conventional compressor.

(In-house comparison)

Fields of application

  • Electronics and IT
  • Automotive
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Food processing
  • Textiles
  • Construction
  • Other (glass, pharmaceuticals, amusement, electrical power plant, transport)

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Photograph: Product catalog

See the catalog for details.

  • * This catalog was made by former Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.
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