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Compressor : Hitachi


Hitachi Compressor Line-Up

We manufacture ultra-high-pressure reciprocating compressors for 100 MPa or higher, centrifugal compressors for process use that cover a wide range of applications, medium and large centrifugal air compressors suitable for 1 MPa or lower with a large suction flow rate, oil-free screw compressors as general-purpose air compressors with high cost performance and output ranging from 105-960 kW, and turbo compressors. We provide virtually all types of compressors in Japan.

Image: Compressor Line-up

Areas where our oil-free screw compressors are used

The electronics, IT, and automotive industries account for about 32% of the total.
Steel, chemicals, food processing, textiles, and construction account for about 10%, and some other industries include glass, pharmaceuticals, and recreation. Oil-free compressors are necessary in a wide range of industrial fields, and are a basic plant item.

Image: Graph, fields of application

Electronics and IT

Photograph: Projects in the electronics and IT fields

For electronic control, air knife for cleaning liquid-crystal substrates, and nitrogen seals


Photograph: Projects in the automotive field

Painting the body color, inflating tires with air, removing rust by sand blasting, peeling paint, for processing undercoats

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