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Compressor : Hitachi


High-efficiency, energy-efficient new air block

We have improved the structure of the flow paths, inlet, outlet, and rotor by analyzing the air flow through the air block using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In this way, the electric power consumption of a 280-kW-class compressor during operation is reduced by 2.5% (our figures) compared to a conventional compressor.
(Corresponds to about 670,000 yen per year, our figures)

Image: Diagram explaining the new air block
Diagram explaining the new air block

Image: Air block flow analysis using CFD

The image above is an embedded composite image diagram.

3D screw rotor with thermal deformation compensation

This 3D rotor compensates for thermal deformation caused by differences in air temperature on the inlet side and the outlet side. This high-precision screw rotor is coated with a new resin material for high durability.

Photograph: 3D screw rotor

Highly reliable shaft seal

A wear-resistant floating seal is used that can minimize air leaks over a long period. On the bearing side, a screw seal with high sealing performance is provided, which doubly blocks the oil mist from mixing with the air.

Photograph: Shaft seal

Long-life bearings

The latest analysis technology and lubrication theory has been applied to the materials, accuracy, type, and cleanliness of lubricating oil, shape of injection nozzle, etc., to help extend duration of life.

Photograph: Bearings