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Compressor : Hitachi


Power Save Control provides precise pressure control

PSC (Power Save Control)

Reducing the unload pressure in accordance with the load factor of the air compressor eliminates excess air pressure and conserves energy.

Image: Conserving energy through PSC

The control pressure range using the PSC function is 0.02 MPa.

Compressor discharge pressure Line pressure loss Plant pressure
0.69MPa 0.10MPa 0.59MPa

When the air consumption is 50% of the compressor capacity

Control method Compressor unload pressure Compressor load pressure Compressor average output pressure
Existing 0.71MPa 0.66MPa 0.68MPa
PSC 0.68MPa 0.66MPa 0.67MPa

Conserving Energy Through PSC (Power Save Control)

Image: Conserving energy through PSC

For operation under an average load factor of 70% under these pressure conditions: pressure used: 0.69 MPa, control pressure range: 0.02-0.05 MPa

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