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Compressor : Hitachi


Image: AIRZEUS screw compressor structure

Image: Noise Control Cover in Robust Construction preventing noise leakage Image: Check Valve Image: Discharge Silencer Image: Air Filter Image: Main motor with improved reliability Image: Capacity Regulator Valve Image: Oil Capturing System
The image above is an embedded composite image diagram.

High-efficiency, energy-efficient new air block

Air block flow analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) improves performance.

Check valve extends service life

A proven lift-type check valve is used to prevent back flow of the discharged air. The structure has fewer moving and sliding parts and contributes to longer life and higher reliability.

Photograph: Check valve

New low-noise design for discharge silencer

Pressure pulsation in the compressed air is reduced, which reduces the irritating high-frequency sound that damages the ears.

Air filter with a laminated structure

By laminating two types of non-woven fabric with chemical fibers in a 3D form, dust is trapped in three dimensions. It can be cleaned, so the filter can be reused.

Photograph: Air filter

Main electric motor with improved reliability

Reliability is improved by adopting a totally enclosed flange type.
The gear is directly connected to the main shaft, with a structure that does not use coupling or step-up gear bearings, which eliminates maintenance operations associated with these items.

Highly durable capacity regulating valve

The structure is simple: the intake valve is driven by a hydraulic piston. It is highly durable, so the pressure setting range under load can be made smaller, which contributes to energy conservation.

Environmentally friendly oil mist capturing system

The oil mist capturing system (OMCS) is provided as standard. This system collects mist in the gear casing.
100% dust collection rate is not guaranteed.

New noise-reducing cover to prevents noise from the inlet and ventilation openings.

Various types of noise are reduced, such as the noise transmitted from the panels and the noise emitted from the inlet and ventilation openings.