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Compressor : Hitachi


Photograph: Small turbo compressors

Environmentally friendly, cost-effective, easy to use, and communications-ready: Our new and powerful machines fit the 21st century and anticipate all of your needs.
With about a century of history and extensive experience in the field of centrifugal compressors, we have used the latest CFD analysis technology to produce a high-efficiency, low-maintenance, compact turbo-type standard air compressor.
We also satisfy our customers' needs with the new specification with environmentally-friendly high-quality air, low vibrations, low noise, and excellent ease of operation.


  1. We have achieved an energy saving effect of about 6% by using a high-efficiency 3D impeller and 3-stage compression (our comparison with a conventional 500-kW-class compressor).
  2. A unique integrated structure and deflection pad bearings are used, which simplifies maintenance and reduces maintenance costs by about 70%. (Our comparison with a conventional compressor)
  3. Space is saved by the integrated structure, so the installation area can be made more compact by about 40% (the company's comparison with a 500 kW class conventional compressor)
  4. We achieve high efficiency and a wide operating range for our 3D impeller and low-solidity diffuser vane by applying the latest CFD technology to a coupled impeller and diffuser.
  5. Integrating deflection pad bearings with bearing pads makes maintenance easy.

(In-house comparison)

System Overview

OMCS (Oil Mist Capturing System)

A high-performance filter captures oil mist from the oil tank, maintaining a clean environment.

Image: Illustration explaining the oil mist capturing system

Shaft seals

Mixing of oil mist into the compressor is doubly prevented by the oil seal labyrinth and the air seal labyrinth.

Image: Illustration explaining the shaft seal

NICS(New Intelligent Control System)

  • Each type of operating status can be displayed.
  • The operating history can be displayed.
  • The history of preventative maintenance, minor breakdowns, and serious breakdowns can be displayed.
  • The history of preventative maintenance, light breakdowns and serious breakdowns can be displayed.
  • The surge protection function with auto-learn achieves a wide range of action. (Options) (Patent pending)
  • The NICS board can control up to a maximum of 9 compressors. (optional)

Photograph: New intelligent control system
New intelligent control system

HiTURBO: AI-series standard specifications

type Per hour
Maximum air flow
Output pressure Electric motor output External dimensions
AI-280 3,050m³ 0.69MPa 280kW 3,400 mm (L) x
1,720 mm (W) x
1,900 mm (H)
AI-310 3,400m³ 310kW
AI-340 3,780m³ 340kW
AI-380 4,300m³ 380kW
AI-420 4,800m³ 420kW
AI-460 5,300m³ 460kW
AI-530 6,130m³ 530kW 5,000 mm (L) x
2,200 mm (W) x
2,100 mm (H)
AI-610 7,070m³ 610kW
AI-690 8,020m³ 690kW
AI-770 8,970m³ 770kW
AI-860 10,000m³ 860kW
AI-960 11,200m³ 960kW
The outlet pressure indicates gauge pressure.
The intake conditions are as shown below.
Inlet pressure: 0.0993 MPa (abs) (1.013 kgf/cm² abs)
Inlet temperature: 35℃
Relative humidity: 80%
The electric motor output indicates the nominal output.
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