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Electrical machinery control systems

We construct optimal control systems with easy-to-read screens and intuitive operation, based on our wide-ranging technologies from high-voltage equipment to information control and extensive experience in all aspects of machinery. Our manufacturing methods also consider ease of construction and the environment.

We aim to be the environmental solution partner for our customers.

Image: We aim to be the environmental solution partner for our customers.

Ventilation control systems

By implementing the optimal control and operation for tunnel ventilation systems consisting of blowers, exhaust fans, and jet fans, etc., the environment with the tunnel is maintained to provide drivers with safe and comfortable traveling.

Operation support systems

This is a system for monitoring and operation of pump stations or sluice gate facilities, that supports appropriate operation and response by displaying guidance during operation and when breakdowns occur.
A realistic monitoring screen is provided that displays the overall facility and each item of equipment in 3-dimensions.
An easy-to-understand monitoring screen is provided that displays animation of water flowing and the status of the equipment.

Wide-area monitoring system

Information on operation of facilities such as pump stations or sluice gates, etc., spread along a river and information on measurement values such as water levels, etc., and images from CCTV (monitoring cameras) installed in facilities are collected at the management center using optical cables, etc. as transmission routes, to achieve one-stop management using wide-area monitoring and advanced image display technology.
Also, the collected information can be distributed to mobile phones, etc.

Water and sewage monitoring systems

This system supports various operations for facility management by using technology cultivated from drainage pump stations and sluice gate operation support systems and wide-area monitoring systems and applying it to monitoring of water and sewage treatment plants.

Wide-area wireless sensor network systems

These are wireless networks that can cover an area of about 10km using multi-POP, and that do not require a license.
They are ideal for use in the field of monitoring and control; because they use a mesh network using the same 2.4GHz band as wireless LAN-Bluetooth*, they are resistant to communication faults, are easily expanded, and have low power consumption.

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of SIG, Inc.