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Electrical machinery control systems

Image: Water and sewage monitoring systems

We support the various operations in facility management relating to monitoring of water and sewage by applying the technology we have cultivated from wide-area management systems and operation support systems for drainage pump stations and sluice gate facilities.


  1. The wide-area wireless sensor network ZigNET developed by Hitachi can be used.
  2. Guidance allows users to respond quickly to faults.


  • Equipment screens: About 128 screens
  • No. points processed
    Input: Digital: 4,096 points. Analog: 1,024 points
    Output: Digital: 1,024 points. Analog: 1,024 points
  • System monitoring
  • Graphical monitoring of measurement values/equipment operation
  • Breakdown diagnosis

Key applications

  • Operation and management of water and sewage facilities