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Industrial plant

Our environment test systems meet test objectives by creating climate and vibration conditions that duplicate temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rain, snow and sunlight.
This enables recreation of a full range of anticipated environmental conditions, from low latitudes to high latitudes, from deserts to tropics, from terrestrial to deep space.
We also handle delivery of space chambers that simulate deep space and reproduce the high vacuum and incident light conditions.

System overview drawing and structure

The basic configuration is constituted of air conditioning and temperature modification equipment that changes the environment in the test air conditioned chamber that contains the test objects, and a controlling computer system that controls and monitors the environmental equipment and analyzes the data.
We also engineer and install environment test systems for particular test objectives, meeting specific test items, by implementing illumination to simulate sunlight, large-scale fans and wind tunnels to generate wind, showers for falling rain and snow, snow machines, and vibration generators to apply vibration.

Examples of application

Automobile environment test system

Image: Automobile environmental testing equipment

  • This system creates the natural environment of various regions around the world.
  • The system can test a wide range of items, from full vehicles, to engines, to individual components.
  • A computer enables setting highly precise conditions, and it collects the analysis data.
  • The operating environment of an engine is reproduced in an engine room.
  • Radiator coolant and oil temperatures can be controlled to near that of an actual vehicle.
  • The system reproduces the environment for each main component that structures an automobile.
  • The high degree of control and high reliability contributes to shortening development time.

(in-house comparison)

Sunlight simulation system

Photograph: Sunlight simulation system

This system produces natural sunlight within the test chamber.

  • The chamber uses metal halide lamps to produce light near that of the sunlight spectrum. (The light sources can be changed depending on the application.)
  • Simulation analysis enables controlling the amount of light within a wide range and with high precision. The angles of declination and elevation of the illumination can be changed.

Rain and mist test system

Photograph: Rain and mist test system

This system artificially produces falling rain and mist near that of the natural environment.

  • The system controls pressure spray nozzles to create various conditions, from a light rain to a downpour.
  • The system combines humidity control with atomizing control to generate uniform and stable mist within a short time.

Wind tunnel test system

System overview specifications(Example of wind tunnel for actual automobile)

  • Wind speed: 0〜300km/h
  • Temperature: -50〜+50°C. Road surface radiation: room temperature 〜 80°C
  • Sunlight: 0〜1300W/m²
  • Falling snow: 0〜200mm/h. Falling rain: 10〜300mm/h
  • Mist (visibility): 10〜100m

Low pressure test systems

  • These systems are used to confirm performance for high altitude locations, for a wide range of products, from OA equipment to automobiles.
  • We can propose formations and systems that match customers' application and scale.
  • Our systems are also utilized in fields other than equipment, such as ergonomics and sports training, and the systems have earned high praise for their safety and reliability.