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Industrial plant

From batch processing machines to continuous processing reactors, we have a long record of providing various types of high viscous substance processing processor (polymerizer) and polymerization plants.
Our reactors achieve complete mixing by use of agitation blades specially suited to polymerization or high viscous production.
These polymerizer are widely utilized for the manufacture of polyesters such as polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as well as for bioplastics, such as polylactic acid (PLA), that have recently received much attention.

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Overview of delivery results and equipment

Continuous process (Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer)

Photograph: Element technology & test information
Spectacle-shaped blade

Image: Structure of Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer
Structure of Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer
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Basic Specifications of Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer

Equipment Specification
Drawing volume 6 L 〜 100m³
Design temperature, pressure Room temperature 〜 350°C, FV 〜 1MPa
viscosity 10〜5,000 Pa·s
material Stainless steel, titanium, other specialty materials
Rotation speed 5〜50m-1
Shaft seal Gland seal, mechanical seal

Photograph: External appearance of Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer
External appearance of Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer

This design has high mechanical reliability. For the shaft seal, a mechanical seal manufactured to the company's unique design that takes into consideration extreme operating conditions is used. The highly reliable drive has achieved remarkable results in wide use.

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Image: Flow chart for Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer
Continuous polymerization of polyester
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Fields of application

This equipment is suited to customers in the polymer manufacturing business.

  • Customers that want to make the current process easier and saving in labor.
  • Customers that want to improve capabilities along with reducing equipment size.
  • Customers that want to manufacture high quality polymer products.
  • Customers that are planning for production of bioplastics.


High viscous agitation blade technology from Hitachi

Agitation of polymer by the spectacle-shaped blade

Types of products

Implementation is possible for all polymers of high viscosity.

Characteristics for mixing with the spectacle-shaped blade

The number of effective complete mixing tank stages per single spectacle-shaped blade is 11/16 for a fluid with viscosity of 400 Pa·s or more. Therefore, by comparison with the 9/16 stages with a circular disc blade, this results in favorable piston flow for the flow of the processing fluid.
Due to the agitation blade structure that enables self-cleaning, there is virtually no dead space seen in the tank. Accordingly, for the radial direction, there is complete mixing.

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High evaporation capability

A large liquid surface can be formed, allowing the blade elements to pull and freely drop the substance. Evaporation speed close to 30 times that of a standing type agitation tank can be obtained.

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