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Industrial plant

We provide complete satellite stations, including direct vaporizing and mixing facility (DV&M system) in which (gaseous) natural gas and liquid propane or butane are directly mixed to adjust the calorific value of the gas product, as well as peripheral plants.

Case Introduction: LNG plant

Photograph: LNG plant

Delivery year 2003
Delivery location Japan
Production capacity 2,500 m³N/h

What is a city gas and LNG plant?

City gas plant

A city gas plant is where natural gas (LNG), which is mostly methane, is mixed with propane and butane to achieve the desired energy content, for the reliable supply of city gas. We provide plants with the latest technology for directly mixing LNG with liquid propane (LPG), for energy-content-adjustment.

LNG plant

Japan has over 20 LNG terminals, where LNG arrives from overseas. City gas manufacturing facilities are needed in places where city gas usage sites are not connected by pipeline to an LNG terminal. Such facilities are called LNG satellite plants, and they consist of small facilities for small-storing, gasifying and adjusting the calorie of the gases transported from the LNG terminal. All these facilities put together make up an LNG plant.

Scope of supply

Hitachi provides the full range of facilities needed at an LNG plant, including LNG storage tanks, LNG gasification equipment, LPG storage tanks, pressure vaporization equipment and energy-content-adjustment equipment. We have a great deal of experience in this area, particularly in energy-content-adjustment equipment, and our customers can use our products with confidence.
Capital manufacture and install LNG plant energy-content-adjustment equipment, as well as undertaking complete EPC contracts.

Image: Scope of LNG plant supply
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Fields of application

For customers in the following types of gas business.

  • Those planning changes in calorie of city gas
  • Those planning to change raw materials and convert to LNG.
  • Those planning production increases after changes in calorie have been completed.


Photograph: DV&M panpramic view
DV&M system panoramic view

The DV&M systems we have developed originally used separate processes for gasification of LNG and LPG, and then mixed the gases to adjust the calorie. Now however, we offer a separate process where LPG in its liquid state is added to City gas, and the mixture is then gasified and its energy content is adjusted. This method has been well received for its ease of operation and control, and its lower running costs.
(Received a Japan Gas Association gas technology award in 1991.)

Photograph: A city gas plant
A city gas plant

Image: DV&M facility in system
DV&M facility in system
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