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Industrial plant

This is our system for testing weatherproofing of automobile and motorcycle engines and hybrid systems in various environmental conditions. We can offer indoor testing sites simulating a variety of environmental conditions, flexibly and artificially setting different levels for temperature, humidity, wind velocity (vehicle speed), sunshine, rainfall, snowfall and heat load. We also supply systems (space chambers) that use our ultra-high vacuum technology and cryogenic helium technology to simulate space conditions for satellites.

Overview diagram of facilities

Image: Automobile environment test systems (wind chamber testing systems)
Automobile environment test systems (wind tunnel test system)
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Photograph: Satellite testing systems (space chamber)
Satellite environment test systems (space chamber)
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What is an environment test systems?

For products such as automobiles, motorcycles and railway cars, where weather resistance is a requirement, the degree of weather resistance must be tested and verified. Standardized testing is extremely difficult in a natural environment, however, because weather and climate conditions change from day to day in ways that are beyond human control. That is where environment test systems come in, because they can be set to simulate various environmental conditions at will. We offer a lineup of various systems based on our customers' product and testing needs. We can establish test labs in our customers' factory or R&D institutes that closely reproduce conditions in nature. We can also provide test systems with vacuum conditions using our super-strong vacuum technology and cryogenic helium technology and cryogenic helium technology. In this way, we can recreate not just conditions on earth, but in space as well.

Scope of supply

Please contact us to recreate the environmental conditions you require.

Object to be tested / environmental conditions for testing / purpose of testing

Sunlight exposure testing equipment / Snowy environment / Salty environment
Crosswinds testing equipment / Rainy environment / Brake testing environment
SHED room (fuel evaporation measurement) / Foggy environment
Low-noise environment / Road radins environment
These and other options are available. We can also recreate other special environmental conditions.

We offer EPC services (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning) for these environment test systems.

Fields of application

Automobiles, motorcycles, railway cars, engines, hybrid systems, weatherproof suits, residential housing, weather measurement equipment, satellites, etc.


Image: Environment test systems technology

Image: Low pressure testing system(s) Enlarge this image Image: wind tunnel testing system(s) Enlarge this image