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Industrial plant

These are our systems for stretching nylon, polyethylene and other polymers into film. The key feature of our system is that stretching is performed in two directions at the same time, producing a higher-quality film than that which can be obtained using methods that stretch in just one direction at a time.
Changes can be made in the degree of stretching without limitation to specific increments, allowing production of a wide variety of film types.

Overview of facilities

Photograph: Overview diagram of facilities

What is a film stretching system?

A film stretching system is a system for manufacturing film, starting from thin sheets (base sheets) of polymer, heating them until they are soft, and then stretching them. There are different methods for stretching, some using rollers that pushes the polymer like a balloon; our method pulls the material. In our method, the polymer sheets are gripped at either side, and stretched in two directions at once. This method preserves the equilibrium of molecular directionality, making it suitable for the stretching of high-performance polymers with highly complex molecular structures, as well as ultra-thin materials.

Scope of supply

Our film stretching systems are composed of various kinds of equipment, as shown below. Polymer chips are placed into the extruder, where they are melted and extruded, and then the polymer is formed into thin sheets in the next basic material process vessel. In the simultaneous bi-directional stretching machine, which is the core of the system the basic material is formed into film, and then it is rolled on the spooler. We can provide design, production, procurement and installation of complete integrated systems, centering on the simultaneous bi-directional stretching machine.

Image: Structure of film stretching system facilities

Fields of application

Product areas: food packaging film, optical film
Polymers: polyester, nylon, polyethylene, special polymer


For the structure of our facilities and our research, please see the “Overview of our test facilities (film processing tests).”