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Research & development support systems

Research & development support systems

Image: Research and development support system

This system is a dynamic mechanical testing system supporting research and development on earthquake behavior relating to structures, elevated bridges, nuclear power equipment, etc., and in relation to the bullet train, which is aiming to be the best in the world.
This system contributes to society by supporting safety and security to reduce earthquake damage and to improve safety of bullet train.


This system supports research and development in various fields, such as research and development for reducing earthquake damage, research and development for high-speed railways, research and development to prevent accidents on freeways, etc.
The earthquake resistance and safety of structures, elevated bridges, and nuclear power equipment, etc., are evaluated by the earthquake resistance research support system.
Also, bullet trains are evaluated by the system.

Railway car development and inspection support system

Contribute to speeding up the bullet train
The system contributes to achieving comfortable and secure railway transport.

Earthquake resistance research support system (Vibration table, Dynamic Geotechnical Centrifuge)

The resistance of structures and buildings against the earthquake can be dynamically and statically determined in the design stage.

Integrated system of testing and numerical analysis

Dynamic loading tests can be carried out in real time. Excellent results can be obtained even for structures with large damping.

Microreactor System (Micro Process Server)

Provides uniform and highly efficient mixing, reaction,emulsification and concentration of liquids in a micro space.

After-Sales Service

The test equipment includes system components such as mechanical equipment, ancillary equipment, electrical equipment, and instrumentation and control equipment. We support our customers' maintenance with our specialized technology.