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Tests with dynamic loading can be carried out in real time. The system is also effective for structures with large damping.


A dynamic vibration test of a part and a numerical analysis of the overall structure are carried out in real time, and the earthquake response of the actual structure is evaluated.

Hybrid earthquake-proof vibration experimental system

Limited full-scale testing is supplemented by dynamic testing on parts and numerical analysis by computer.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Evaluation of the overall vibration response using a vibration test on a part of the structure
  • Accuracy: Vibration tests include the behavior of the actual model in an earthquake

Image: (SRCα) Structure to be evaluated

Real-time testing is possible using prediction and compensation control for the vibration exciter response delay

Prediction control

A command signal for the delay time δt is applied in advance
Extrapolation from past calculated values

High accuracy due to response control

The predicted time δt is corrected as appropriate

Image: Explanatory diagram