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Provides uniform and highly efficient mixing, reaction,emulsification and concentration of liquids in a micro space.


This is a device for mixing, reacting, concentrating, and/or emulsifying multiple liquids of different types with different properties using the next-generation “micro-fluid technology”, using simple operations with high speed and high accuracy.
It can be used in many fields such as food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products, either as an experimental device for research and development or as a production device.

Conventional method

Manufacturing processes developed during research and development are verified in a pilot plant and manufacturing process developments are carried out successively to further scale up the process, so a lot of time and cost is required to construct a plant for volume production.

Image: Current status flow diagram

Microreactor System (Micro Process Server)

A microreactor for research and development is produced in accordance with the customer's specifications for product characteristics, quantity, etc. In addition, having many microreactors with the same structure together makes it possible to smoothly transition to mass production at a low cost.

Image: New flow diagram


  1. Development time for production processes can be shortened, which speeds up the development of new products.
  2. Changing the microreactors allow these to be used for many applications, such as mixing, reaction, and emulsification.
  3. Supports improved product quality and achieves high yield rates
  4. By increasing the numbers, it is possible to go from a device in the research and development stage (0.5 to 400 ml/min) to a plant for volume production plant (up to about 2.4 t/day).

(In-house comparison)

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