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Equipment supply

Equipment supply

We use advanced design technology and thorough quality control to supply customers throughout the world with various types of pressure vessels, thin-film processor (Kontro, Sevcon), centrifugal extractors (Ultrex), and high-viscous material processor).
Kontro, Sevcon, Ultrex, and our high-viscous material processor enable us to create an appropriate design based on customer's process data, and we verify performance using test equipment. We offer total support with our products to set our customers at ease.

Pressure vessels

Photograph: pressure vessel

We have abundant experience with titanium-clad vessels and vessels for styrene monomer (SM).

Centrifugal thin-film processor


Photograph: Kontro

Kontro is a high-speed processor that achieves high-efficiency vaporization by forming a thin film of solvent on its cylinder wall. With no heat transmission pipes, supports or other structural elements in its interior, scaling is minimized, and there is virtually no change in heat transmission with time. This makes it suitable for materials that change when heated. It can also be used for concentrating candy, fruit juices, and other food products.


Photograph: Sevcon

Sevcon is a model for increasing the degree of concentration of solvents from slurry fluids or powders. As the rotating blades scrape the vaporization surface, the powder is dried. We have test equipment for Sevcon and for Kontro, enabling us to design and manufacture products that suit our customers' needs.

Centrifugal extractor (Ultrex)

Photograph: Centrifugal extractor (Ultrex)

In petrochemicals and other areas of the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, foods, metal refining and other areas where extraction, washing and separation processes are used, there is demand for extractor equipment that can improve product purity, contribute to the rationalization and higher productivity of facilities, save energy, and completely remove harmful substances from wastewater. Ultrex can play a key and expanding role in energy conservation in response to customer needs.

High-viscous material processor

Photograph: High-viscous materials processing devices

Our product lineup includes the horizontal dual-axle Spectacle-shaped blade polymerizer the lattice blade type polymerizer, and the horizontal single-axle hybrid blade polymerizer. The horizontal dual-axle polymerizer offer ideal extrusion flow, self-cleaning functions and stable operation. Our newly developed hybrid blade polymerizer covers as a single machine viscosity regions that previously required multiple polymerization vessels, so now fewer pieces of equipment are needed.