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Equipment supply

Kontro is a high-speed processor that achieves high-efficiency vaporization by forming a thin film of solvent on its cylinder wall. With no heat transmission pipes, supports, or other structural elements in its interior, scaling is minimized, and there is virtually no change in heat transmission with time. This makes it suitable for materials that change when heated. It can also be used for concentrating candy, fruit juices, and other food products.

Case Introduction: Horizontal Kontro

Photograph: Horizontal Kontro

Model Horizontal Kontro 50
Heat transfer surface 8m2
Application Use as reboiler in distillation tower

What is Kontro?

Vaporizer is used for vaporizing water or solvent from fluids to concentrate residual substance, and there are some types. Within this category, centrifugal processor form a thin film of processed fluid on the interior wall (vaporization surface) of the heated cylinder, dramatically increasing the efficiency of vaporization. Our non-contact-type device using rotating blades on the evaporation surface is called Kontro (contact type: Sevcon). The rotating blades inside Kontro cause the processed fluid to form a uniform film. Vaporization and concentration is possible in a short span of time, because Kontro uses power agitation and centrifugal force to process fluids ranging from low to high viscosity. Kontro is suitable for continuous operation, because the processed fluid can achieve a specified degree of concentration in a single pass from the entry port to the exit port.

Scope of supply

We offer our customers total support, from engineering through delivery and installation, to commissioning and maintenance.

In the selection of a centrifugal thin-film processor, complicated questions must be addressed concerning the state of solvents and other ingredients in the processed fluid (material properties, heat stability, viscosity, shape, etc.), and the processing volume and density at entry/exit. We choose specifications based on processed fluid data from our customers. We verify functionality in our experimental facilities, and we offer total support for achieving performance.
We offer installation, commissioning and maintenance for Kontro, and in our EPC solutions we offer integrated packages including design, procurement, and construction for Kontro and its peripheral racks, piping, electric and control systems.

Fields of application


  • Concentrating high viscous materials
  • Elimination of remaining monomers in polymers
  • Concentrating materials that are unstable when heated
  • Continuous process
  • Odor removal
  • Non-fluid concentration

Breakdown by product

Petrochemical plants

  • Terephthalic acid (PTA)
  • Methyl methacrylate (MMA)
  • Epoxy resin
  • Urethane monomer
  • Surfactants
  • Optical resin

Food plants

  • Candy
  • Fruit juices
  • Soymilk

Environmental applications

  • Wastewater treatment

Pharmaceuticals plants

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biological products


  • Metallic soaps
  • Photoresists


Kontro's features

Image: Kontro's features
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  1. High efficiency in vaporization
    Kontro is suitable for materials that are unstable when heated, because specified degrees of concentration can be achieved in a short time (residence time is short). Processing temperatures can be lowered further if the vacuum within the system is increased.
  2. Concentrating high viscous materials
    Kontro agitates processed fluids with its rotating blades, forming a thin film on its vaporization surface, allowing it to speedily concentrate high viscosity as well as low viscosity materials.
  3. Continuous operation
    Processed fluid is concentrated to a specific degree in a single pass from entry port to exit port. The processed fluid on the vaporization surface is constantly replenished, so scale does not adhere, and continuous operation is possible.
  4. Five Kontro models, for various customer applications
    We offer five Kontro models for various customer applications. These are suitable for the full range of vaporization and concentration processes.

(in-house comparison)

Horizontal Kontro

Photograph: Horizontal Kontro
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Of all the Kontro models, this is the most general-purpose model, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its most important feature is that the heating body is tapered, so the film remains stable and is unlikely to tear even when the volume of fluid is reduced, near the exit port.
The following are other outstanding features.

  1. The tapered body exerts a pushing force on the thin film formed by the processed fluid, making it suitable for processed fluids that easily scale.
  2. Residence time inside the Kontro can be adjusted at will, so a wide range of degrees of concentration can be achieved.
  3. High concentration can be achieved in a single pass.
  4. The largest machines we have supplied measure 15 m² of evaporation surface.

(in-house comparison)

Vertical Kontro

Photograph: Vertical Kontro
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The basic functions are the same as the horizontal Kontro, but is better suited for low degrees of concentration and larger volumes of processed fluid.

  1. The rotating blades are perpendicular, making larger sizes possible (up to 30 m²).
  2. The processed fluid moves from top to bottom, the opposite direction from the steam (bottom to top), making odor removal and other delicate operations possible. The movement of steam from the bottom up also allows for steam stripping.
  3. The vertical form can be installed in narrow locations.

(in-house comparison)

Horizontal Kontro 50, Vertical Kontro 50

The Kontro 50 is our low-priced model; the tapered body has been straightened in both the horizontal and vertical models.
This model is suitable for low to medium-viscous fluids, and low to medium degrees of concentration. In vaporization efficiency, it is the equal of other Kontro models.
For fluids where it is difficult to decide between Kontro and Kontro 50 on the basis of process data alone, our experimental installation can be used to verify functionality and make selection easier.

Diagonal-blade Kontro

Photograph: Diagonal Kontro 50
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This model is dramatically more capable than the vertical Kontro. The rotating blades work like screws, exerting force on the thin film, making it possible to work with High-viscous processed fluids, and fluids in a thixotropic state.

  1. The diagonal-blade Kontro was developed for the purpose of completely removing the remaining monomers from polymers produced through polymerization reactions (monomer removal). For this reason, in addition to monomer removal, it is also outstanding for processes involving falling rate drying.
  2. Even highly viscous processed fluids can form thin films, so the high level of evaporation functionality is not lost. Energy consumption by the rotating blades is lower than that of a bent extruder.

(in-house comparison)