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Equipment supply

Sevcon is a model for increasing the degree of concentration of solvents from slurry fluids or powders. As the rotating blades scrape the vaporization surface, the powder is dried. We have test equipment for Sevcon and for Kontro, enabling us to design and manufacture products that suit our customers' needs.

What is Sevcon?

Photograph: Sevcon

In general, centrifugal thin-film processor have the following features.

  1. Large evaporation capacity
    Rotation of the blades causes strong formation of a uniform film, so the heat transfer coefficient is large.
  2. Residence time is short
    Vaporization and concentration take place as the processing fluid moves from top to bottom.
  3. Suitable for vacuum vaporization
    The capacity of the tube is small, so the structure makes vacuum vaporization easy.
  4. Continuous operation possible, with no scaling
    The rotating blades stir the processing fluid, so the vaporization surface is constantly renewed, meaning no scaling. Sevcon is particularly suitable for processing slurry.

(in-house comparison)

Scope of supply

We offer our customers total support, from engineering through delivery and installation, to commissioning and maintenance.

In the selection of Sevcon, like Kontro, complicated questions must be addressed concerning the state of solvents and other ingredients in the processed fluid (material properties, heat stability, viscosity, shape, etc.), and the processing volume and density at entry/exit. We choose specifications based on processed fluid data from our customers.
For Sevcon, we offer installation, commissioning and maintenance, and in our EPC solutions we offer design, procurement, and construction for Sevcon peripheral racks, piping, electric, and control systems.

Fields of application


  • Chemicals industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Synthetic textiles industry
  • Metals industry
  • General industry

Breakdown by product


  • Concentration of hydrazine
  • Refining of glycerine
  • Recovery of amines

Synthetic textiles

  • Processing polyester waste fluids
  • Refining DMT

Metals industry

  • Refining titanium tetrachloride
  • Processing waste fluids from galvanizing process
  • Recovery of silanes


  • Odor removal, refining, extraction of agricultural chemicals


  • Pharmaceuticals

Environmental applications

  • Waste fluid processing



  • Because its rotating blades maintain continuous contact with the surface, Sevcon is capable of achieving high concentration, vaporization virtually all volatile substances, even if solids are present in only minute amounts in the original material.
  • For turning materials into powder, Sevcon achieves high bulk density.

(in-house comparison)