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[Image] Eco-products

Eco-products are products that meet eight assessment criteria, including weight reduction, resource recycling, energy efficiency, and environmental conservation, as in the Assessment for DfE (Design for Environment) unique to the Hitachi Group. Assessment criteria shown below are examples. Assessment criteria are set according to product area.

Approach to Complete Lifecycle Product Design
[Image] Outline of Eco-products

Based on an environmentally conscious design concept, the Hitachi Group introduced an 'Assessment for DfE (Design for Environment)' in designing and developing products to minimize the environmental impact at each stage of a product's lifecycle.

Eco-products of the Hitachi Group must score at least 2 (from 0 to 5) for all criteria with an average score of 3 or higher in the Assessment for DfE.
The eco-products are shown in catalogs and websites of the Hitachi Group with an 'eco' symbol.