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Towards a Sustainable Society 

Contributing to urban development for the next generation through eco-products 

A report on the Hitachi Group booth at Eco-Products 2011

Eco-Products 2011, one of Japan's largest environmental exhibitions, was held at Tokyo Big Sight over the three-day period from Thursday, December 15, through Saturday, December 17, 2011.

Based on the theme “Towards a sustainable society: Contributing to urban development for the next generation through eco-products,” the Hitachi Group's exhibits introduced various Hitachi eco-products designed to function as components in a wide range of social infrastructures.
The booth was well-attended from start to finish. Many thanks to all those who took part.

Products and Services Exhibited

The Hitachi Group booth exhibited a range of eco-products grouped into three categories, based on the Hitachi Group's Environmental Vision: Prevention of Global Warming, Conservation of Resources, and Preservation of Ecosystems (Biodiversity). It also presented its “smart city” concept, Hitachi's conception of the next-generation city of the future. On-stage presentations used a diorama model and video to introduce the various Hitachi eco-products designed for urban environments and Hitachi's initiatives in each field.

Environmental Communication

[Image] Environmental Communication

The Hitachi Group booth demonstrated clear signs of concern for the environment throughout—not just in the careful construction planning, but in its use of carbon offsets for carbon dioxide emitted during the exhibition. In recognition of its pursuit of ecological performance, the top prize in the Eco & Design Booth Prize was awarded to the Hitachi Group.
A panel exhibit introduced the Green Curtain Project undertaken by the Hitachi Group in 2011.

Eco & Design Booth Prize

[Image] Eco & Design Booth Prize

The Eco & Design Booth Prize is presented to exhibitors at Eco-Products based on comprehensive evaluations of various environmental considerations, including the reusability and recyclability of booth decorations and efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in booth operations. Other factors assessed include design and clarity.

Award-Winning Products

The 8th Eco-Products Awards

[Image] The 8th Eco-Products Awards

The Super Amorphous XSH series of ultra-energy-saving transformers from Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems won the Grand Prize for Energy Saving Product in the Eco-Products Category (Excellence Award for Energy Saving Product).

[Image] The 8th Eco-Products Awards log

The Eco-Products Awards recognize outstanding products and services whose design seeks to reduce environmental impact. The Grand Prize for Energy Saving Product is a new prize established in 2011 in response to power supply restrictions following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The 8th Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan (JLCA) Awards

[Image] The 8th Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan (JLCA) Awards

The Life Cycle Assessment Society of Japan (JLCA) Awards recognized the “Hitachi Group's carbon-footprint (CFP) initiatives and their use in business activities” by awarding the JLCA Chairman's Award. These initiatives were presented in the exhibit entitled “CO2 Visualization of IT Equipments Using CFP (Carbon Footprint of Products).”

Ecollaboration Plaza

[Image] Ecollaboration Plaza

A joint booth representing seven electrical machinery and electronics firms (Hitachi among them), the Ecollaboration Plaza introduced various smart tips for selecting and using energy-saving home appliances, based on the “Taking Action Together! E (Energy) Diet!” theme. Through on-stage presentations and exhibitions inviting audience participation, the booth presented various tips on saving energy at home.