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[Image] Taking the Lead in Environmental Factories.

Installed the largest 1.6MW photovoltaic power generation system (PV system) in the Hitachi Group. It continues to take the lead as an environmentally conscious factory.

Hitachi Data Systems Netherlands, based in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, is the assembly base for storage products and related products. It is also the distribution center for shipping products to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This new factory was completed in 2013 and incorporates a number of environmental measures, becoming a top class environmentally conscious factory. The 1.6MW PV system, the largest of the Hitachi Group, was installed on the roof in order to utilize renewable energy. Geoexchange and heat pump systems are used for heating and cooling the factory. In addition to switching all lighting to LED lighting, charging stations for electric vehicles and electric-assisted bicycles were installed as part of the energy conservation measures. Additional measures include collecting rainwater for use in toilets, and promoting waste recycling. This factory received the grand prize in the Eco-Factory category at FY 2013 GREEN 21 Awards, the Hitachi Group environmental award program for these environmentally conscious measures.

[Image] Various measures will help reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 2000 tonnes.

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[Image] Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
Reduced energy use per unit by 30% or more compared to FY 2005 (FY 2014)

[Image] Renewable energy use

Renewable energy use
Installed the largest 1.6MW photovoltaic power generation system (FY 2014)

[Image] Highly efficient lighting

Highly efficient lighting
Adopted LED lighting in all areas of the building (FY 2014)

Product Information

[Image] Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
Enterprise disk array systems with processing power, scalability and reliability, in pursuit of the "continuous cloud" that is sought after in cloud environments.