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Corporate InformationEnvironmental Activities

Hitachi is devoted to further improving its environmental activities at the factories and offices.
In recognizing such activities, Hitachi certifies its factories and offices achieved the targets as "Eco-Factories & Offices."
Here we present the efforts under way at Hitachi's factories and offices.

Environmentally conscious in its manufacturing as well,Hitachi engages in these activities.
01 Use energy efficiently without waste.
02 The resources are limited. So, manage the ways of using them.
03 Use precious water carefully and circulate it.
Certified Eco-Factories & Offices Select sites

01 Use energy efficiently without waste.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change, we work to reduce energy consumption.

back Block1 Building Cloud Cloud Light Bulb Sun Windmill Data Factory

Monitoring energy consumption and
identifying the issues

Hitachi has been systematically upgrading its production equipment to highly efficient equipment. Moreover, with its energy management system, Hitachi has been "visualizing" its energy consumption, and using the system to identify various issues and take necessary actions such as finding and reducing wasteful energy use.
>Integrated Energy and Facility Management ServiceEMilia
>Arepresentive Factory:Omori 2nd BuildingArepresentive Factory:Omori 2nd Building

Use limitless natural energy.

Some of our factories and offices use electric power generated with sunlight, wind power, and other renewable forms of energy in its lighting and air-conditioning. In fiscal 2014, the Hitachi Group as a whole generated as much as 3,440 MWh in total.
>Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy
>A representative factory : Omika WorksA representative factory : Omika Works

Replace the conventional lamps with LEDs.

At both factories and offices, Hitachi has been introducing LED lighting, which is highly efficient in energy conservation. This minimizes energy consumption because these lighting are used every day.
>LED lightingLED lighting
>A representative factory :Hitachi Capital (UK) A representative factory :Hitachi Capital (UK)


02 The resources are limited. So, manage the ways of using them.

Reduce factory emissions in order to reduce global environmental burden.

back Block2 Building Cloud Cloud Truck Truck Truck Trash Trash Trash

Recycle the resources so as to use them effectively.

Using resources without any waste minimizes waste emissions. We properly treat waste, sort it by the applicable types, and recycle it. In this way, Hitachi works to use the resources effectively.
>A representative factory:Tochigi WorksA representative factory:Tochigi Works
>A representative factory : Nakajo DivisionA representative factory : Nakajo Division


03 Use precious water carefully and circulate it.

Water an irreplaceable resource. We work to minimize the consumption of water used in our manufacturing.

back Block3 Circulation Rain Sea Road

Use limited water resources ingeniously.

With an ongoing increase in production, particularly at seriously water-lacking locations outside Japan, Hitachi works to minimize its water consumption. We use recycled water in the manufacturing processes and saves water used in the factories.
>A representative factory : Hitachi Elevator (Chengdu) A representative factory:Tochigi Works, Hitachi Appliances
>A representative factory : Kyushu Works, Hitachi Automotive SystemsA representative factory : Kyushu Works, Hitachi Automotive Systems


As the result of these activities, Hitachi certifies factories and offices that exhibit a particularly
high degree of environmentally awareness as "Eco-Factories & Offices Select."

We engage in these activities!Intorduction of our Eco-Factories & Offices Select in Japan and worldwide

Hitachi will continue to promote its more environmentally conscious manufacturing, and increase Eco-Factories & Offices Select.