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[Image] We support the next generation of energy networks, for the Earth.

People's lives have become affluent and convenient. They are supported by electricity. Hitachi is working on various initiatives for the Smart Grid, which is in the spotlight as a next-generation power network to support a sustainable society.

What is the Smart Grid?

Electricity generated in power stations reaches to us through the power grid.
Japan's power grid is already at the world's highest level, in terms of supply stability and efficiency. Recently, there are few people who experience the power failure(black out) of long time in Japan. Hitachi's idea on the Smart Grid takes the technology that underpins Japan's power to a new level, and exploits it for the sake of the global environment.

[Image] Helping to reduce CO2 emissions by exploiting Renewable energy!

As we progress in deploying Renewable energy that is controlled by the weather, such as wind and Photovoltaic power generation, we also expected to see new growth in power demand for applications such as the widespread use of electric vehicles. With a Smart Grid, these sources and demands can be controlled by information technology, enabling us to make deft use of natural energy alongside nuclear power and other conventional power sources, which will help to reduce CO2 emissions.

[Image] An Overview of the Smart Grid

The Technology to Realize the Smart Grid

[Image] Hitachi for energy and Hitachi for IT come together!

Until now, Hitachi has been working in the electrical energy field to support stable power supplies with greater efficiency. Using IT in the data communications field, we have delivered countless solutions centered on systems and networks. By merging our rich experience, expertise and proven record in these two fields, both of which are essential to realizing the Smart Grid, Hitachi is uniquely positioned to make contribution to the Earth by building the Smart Grid.

[Image] A fusion between the energy Hitachi and the IT Hitachi

Besides playing our part in building the next-generation energy network, we will promote the best mix of energy for society as a whole while considering possibility of new IT based services, towards a sustainable society.

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