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Corporate Information Environmental Activities

[Image] EMilia helps achieve sustainable energy conservation through the integrated management of energy and facilities.

Given the global issue of reducing the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, we must now conserve energy more than ever. In Japan, the Revised Energy Conservation Law has been enforced, and efforts to further rationalize the use of energy for the efficient use of our precious energy resources are being made across society. In such efforts, energy management systems have been drawing increasing attention.

What is an energy management system?

[Image] Know your energy use to efficiently control and use energy!

To conserve energy, it is essential to know the constantly changing amounts of energy used to control and use energy more efficiently. An energy management system allows a steady reduction of energy use by monitoring and analyzing the conditions of energy consuming equipment, so as to optimize consumption.

Over the years, the Hitachi Group has been providing solutions to promote energy conservation in buildings, factories, stores, and other facilities. Based on such experience, the Group has developed a new integrated energy and facility management service called "EMilia."

A major benefit provided by EMilia is that it allows users to manage their energy use at multiple locations in an integrated manner, regardless of industry or size of their businesses. Patterns and requirements of energy use vary in businesses in different industries or of sizes, such as factories, office buildings, stores, and other facilities. In an office, for example, the amount of energy used for air-conditioning and lighting equipment is relatively large, whereas in a factory, more energy is used for production facilities. Not only is EMilia capable of responding to individual cases, but it allows simultaneous management of multiple locations of companies that operate establishments with different uses.

[Image] Conditions and requirements of energy use vary in different industries and business sizes. - EMilia allows the comprehensive management of energy use in any industry or for any business size. It helps build an optimal energy-conserving solution to meet each individual need.

Four-stage process to achieve steady energy conservation

The essence of the mechanism of EMilia’s energy management is the coordination of a four-stage operation management process consisting of "look," "know," "control," and "continue." Energy conservation is steadily achieved by coordinating the operations from conventional visualization to accurately learn what types of energy are used, for what purposes energy is used, and how much energy is used, in order to control the reservation and maintenance planning for facilities.
In a factory, the comprehensive management of supply and load facilities that were operated separately in the past allows for an improved demand-and-supply balance of energy and the prediction of equipment degradation and the planning for renewals.

[Image] "Look" - "Know" - "Control" - "Continue"

In addition, such a mechanism provides the basis of selecting optimal measures for business continuation, such as prioritized use of an in-house power generation or storage battery in case of such risks as a disaster striking.

EMilia not only contributes to energy conservation but also increases operational efficiency and business continuity planning (which allows business to keep operating in case of such risks as a disaster striking).

Energy conservation further evolves by sharing information

EMilia offers cloud service. When provided with access authority, a company using the EMilia system can share such information as energy data and facilities’ operational status with facility manufacturers, consultants, etc. The availability of visualized data and support when necessary to parties including specialized third parties allows more appropriate energy conservation measures and facility renewal planning.

[Image] Energy conservation evolves through data sharing and collaboration

[Image] Image of Emilia control screen

Large amounts of various data are accumulated each time the cloud service is used. Analyzing such data may help discover issues and solutions that have gone unnoticed in the past. The Hitachi Group contributes to the energy conservation of each client, and continues to enhance the EMilia service to help achieve a sustainable society.

"Eco Assist-Enterprise" Environmental Information Collection System Coordinating the use of the system with EMilia allows support for a broader range of environmental management.

Eco Assist is a series of environmental information collection systems that automate the compilation of very large amounts of data and, through the use of various functions, help analyze and control changes in energy use in response to various needs.
The systems provide the unified management of environmental information and support ranging from collection and compilation of data to the preparation of reports.

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