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[Image] The fuel-efficient hybrid machine help to reducing CO2 emissions associated with hydraulic shoveling.

These days hybrid cars have become more popular The trend become evident for construction machinery as well. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new generation hybrid hydraulic excavator series, ZH200, which delivers excellent fuel efficiency while achieving performance comparable to the standard model (ZX200-3).

Hydraulic excavators with great potential for reducing CO2 emissions

Emerging countries around the world are currently building their social infrastructures, including rail, water/sewage, and electricity, which requires hydraulic excavators. The global shipment of hydraulic excavators in FY2011 has been estimated to be more than 220,000 units; the demand is expected to grow further in the future. Thus, improving the fuel efficiency of hydraulic excavators contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions.

[Image] Great potential for reducing CO2 emissions - Improving the fuel efficiency of hydraulic excavators

[Image] Global demand for hydraulic excavators

  • * Reference: Estimate by Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (excluding Chinese manufacturers)

Hybrid of hydraulic system and electric power assistance

The hybrid hydraulic excavator has a swing system integrating electric motors.It charges a capacitor the power generated during swing deceleration,in order to assist the hydraulic motor for swing acceleration.Furthermore,another motor which is connected to the hydraulic pumps adjusts the amount of electric energy stored in the capacitor.It assists power generation and support engine.In this way,fuel consumption can be reduced.

[Image] Mechanism of the hybrid excavator

Moreover, the new energy-saving hydraulic system plays greatly for further fuel efficiency. Compared to the standard model with two pumps and two control valves, the  new system has three pumps and three control valves. It allows more precise output control and minimizes loss of hydraulic power.

[Image] Fuel consumption/CO<sub>2</sub> emission reduction - 20%

The hybrid system “TRIAS-HX” is a high-level combination of energy- saving hydraulic system and electric power assistance. These features complement each other in an optimal manner; at the same workload, TRIAS-HX can reduce fuel consumption by 20% compared to the standard model (ZX200-3) (*1).

Comparison between the standard model ZX200-3 in P mode and ZH200 in PWR mode based on our own measurements

Further enhancement of environmental performance saves energy

In addition to work capabilities required for 20 ton class excavators, our hybrid hydraulic excavator ZH200 features a wide variety of functions to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, offering more environmental consciousness.

Eco–mode enables to reduce fuel consumption by further 5%

[Image] Eco-mode - 5% reduction in fuel consumption

Eco–mode decreases the engine speed to reduce fuel consumption while increasing the hydraulic pump flow rate to compensate for operating speed. In this mode, fuel consumption can be reduced by 5% (*2).

Comparison between Eco-mode and PWR mode for ZH200

Monitoring system to support energy-efficient operations

The amount of fuel consumed by each operator can be recorded and displayed in detail. Visualization of fuel usage data, such as average hourly fuel consumption and daily fuel consumption, promotes energy-efficient operations.

[Image] Example of fuel consumption data display on the operation panel

Automatic idling stop for reducing wasteful fuel consumption

Equipped with a function which stops the engine when an idling state continues. It minimizes unnecessary fuel consumption during idling as well as helps reduce exhaust gas and noise.

[Image] Automatic idling stop for reducing wasteful fuel consumption

[Image] Example of average fuel consumption data display on the operation panel

Carbon offset

[Image] Carbon offset

Furthermore, Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. promotes carbon offset for machinery and systems that contribute especially to curb CO2 emission. ZH200 is one of the models we provide such service. Customers may offset carbon of the machine emitted during its manufacturing and assembly processes. “Carbon offset certificate” and “carbon offset sticker” will be provided.

Together with our customers, we promote global environmental conservation activities.

Hybrid system with excellent cost performance

The ZH200 is beneficial for our customers in their business and management. Equipped with the hybrid system, its price setting still allows an investment payback in a relatively short period. The price difference between the ZH200 and the standard model can be recovered in four to five years (*3) through reduced running costs thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency.

Estimated period of time in which the price difference between the ZH200 and the standard model ZX200-3 can be recovered through reduced fuel in the case of operation for 100 h/month or longer

The ZH200 is granted subsidies, tax reductions, and loans offered by the government and/or financial institutions in Japan.

NETIS registration

The ZH200 is registered in NETIS (New Technology Information System) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, which has been established to promote the active use of new technologies useful for public works.

Eco-lease subsidy program

The eco-lease promotion program for households and businesses, a subsidy program provided by the Ministry of the Environment, is applicable to the ZH200. This program allows a lessee to receive a subsidy of 3% of the total lease amount.
* This program is applicable only to non-ownership-transfer finance lease transactions.

Green investment tax credit

The ZH200 has been selected as equipment eligible for the green investment tax reduction established by the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Companies that have acquired equipment, to which this tax credit is applicable, in the period from June 30, 2011 to March 31, 2014 can receive a special depreciation of 30% of the acquisition cost or a tax credit of 7%(only for SMEs).

Eligible for funds/loans for environment and energy measures

The ZH200 falls under low-carbon construction machinery granted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to promote low-carbon construction machinery that has excellent CO2 reduction effects. The ZH200 is eligible for “loans for environment and energy measures (for construction machinery)” in a loan program by the Japan Finance Corporation.

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