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[Image] Making our hot datacenter into a cooler place

There is a growing demand for new IT services such as cloud computing and the utilization of Big Data. The importance of datacenters as infrastructure has been increasing to meet such demand. Meanwhile, a lot of electric power is required to run datacenters. Hitachi has materialized both power- and space-savings by making full use of the technologies acquired in various fields over many years.

What are datacenters?

[Image] - Datacenter - A dedicated facility with lots of IT equipment for an information base

Datacenters are designed to hold large numbers of servers, storage devices and other IT equipment, and to operate such information systems safely and consistently. Care is taken to ensure that the systems can still operate without stopping even in case of failure or accidents, by preparing auxiliary power supply sources and privately-owned power facilities.

[Image] Datacenter

Datacenters are running 'Hot'

[Image] Ever-increasing power consumption - Reducing power consumption by IT equipment and air conditioners is a major challenge

Information systems play a vital role in the management of corporations. As a result, the number of corporations requiring datacenters is constantly on the rise.
But as the number of pieces of IT equipment in datacenters increases, power consumption is rapidly increasing. Since a large amount of heat is generated in a datacenter continuously, air conditioners consume a large amount of energy for keeping the inside of the datacenter cool, and the amount of energy consumed becomes too large to ignore. This means that reducing datacenter power consumption is also a prime way of lowering CO2 emissions.

Modular Datacenter

The modular datacenter has IT equipment racks and air conditioners arranged in a small module to maximize operating efficiency.
This offers a power- and space-saving solution for datacenters.

Fitted for the establishment of power and space saving datacenters!

Outline of the Modular Datacenter

In pursuit of power-saving capability,
server installation density,
and easy installation

  • Optimum arrangement of local cooling units(*1) and IT equipment in a module at maximum cooling efficiency.
  • No datacenter cooling water or conventional large air-conditioning system required.
  • Capable of establishing various datacenters from a single-module datacenter.
    (at least 22m2 in size)
  • Capable of increasing the number of modules and expanding the datacenter as needed.

 *1 Local cooling unit: A unit used for locally cooling such heat sources as servers.

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