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Turn the lights off and consider the earth : Hitachi global lights-off campaign

On March 24, 2018, Hitachi participated in "Earth Hour" conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and turned off its signboards illumination, interior and exterior lighting at manufacturing plants and offices in many parts of the world where Hitachi sites are located for one hour from 20:30 to 21:30 local time, and considered the earth.

Furthermore, for an extension period from March 19 until 23, Hitachi called for lights off, and many sites of the Hitachi group in 21 countries and regions participated in this initiative and was able to reduce electricity consumption of approximately 46,000 kWh*1 in the period of 6 days.

An approximate reduction in electricity consumption of 46,000 kWh corresponds to a CO2 emission reduction of approximately 23t-CO2.
* The CO2 electrical power conversion factor used to calculate emissions uses the 2015 emission coefficients for World published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the 2017 edition of CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion.

Hitachi Group Earth Hour Highlights

Japan : Ohsaka : Tsutenkaku

[Image]Tsutenkaku Before

[Image]Tsutenkaku After

Took a photo with a panda bear from the Earth Hour 2018 SNS program "# Traveling 60 Pandas" in Japan *1

Japan : Aomori

[Image]Aomori Before

[Image]Aomori After

Japan : Hitachi

[Image]Hitachi Before

[Image]Hitachi After

Japan : Matsue

[Image]Matsue  Before

[Image]Matsue After

Vietnam : Hanoi inside

[Image]Hanoi inside Before

[Image]Hanoi inside After

Vietnam : Hanoi outside

[Image]Hanoi outside Before

[Image]Hanoi outside After

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City

[Image]Ho Chi Minh Before

[Image]Ho Chi Minh After

Myanmar : Yangon

[Image]Yangon Before

[Image]Yangon After


Earth Hour Japan's program in which 60 stuffed panda bears travel around Japan as an ambassador of Earth Hour.

About Earth Hour

"Earth Hour" organized by WWF started in 2007 as an international event in which people all over the world share their desire to "halt global warming" and "protect Earth's environment" by turning off their electricity on the same day at the same hour for one hour. It is the largest event in the world today, with about 190 countries participating.